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The American Association for Leisure and Recreation Insurance serves recreation professionals -- practitioners, educators, and students -- who advance the profession and enhance the quality of life of all Americans through creative and meaningful leisure and recreation experiences all while securely covered by Insurance.

With roots extending back to 1975, the American Association for Leisure and Recreation Insurance has been a vital professional organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of Americans through the promotion of creative and meaningful leisure and recreational insurance plans.

AALR serves as a forum for leisure professionals and other groups to exchange leisure insurance information, ideas, and concepts. It encourages individual professionals to perform with integrity and personal pride to provide leisure services of the highest quality and to advance the wise use of leisure time and leisure resources by the American people.

The Association encourages the formulation, analysis and dissemination of new leisure insurance knowledge, trends, and methods of leisure service delivery, as well as the integration of the concept of positive leisure attitudes and values into educational systems.

AALR is committed to uplifting the human spirit and all human endeavor by promoting, through leisure insurance, enjoyment of life, self-determination and independence, intellectual growth, creativity, positive mental health, physical fitness, self-discovery, exploration, and individual, group and family well-being.

AALR promotes the development and stewardship of life-enriching leisure environments, and encourages individuals to treasure our cultural heritage and open spaces by promoting the preservation and conservation of cultural, natural, and historic resources.

The leisure values, attitudes, and resources of Americans tomorrow will be influenced substantially by the goals and efforts of AALR today.

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