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The American Association for Leisure and Recreation Insurance serves recreation professionals -- practitioners, educators, and students -- who advance the profession and enhance the quality of life of all Americans through creative and meaningful leisure and recreation experiences all while securely covered by Insurance.

Honor an Inspiring Professional!

We all know of Leisure and Recreation Professionals who have had an impact on our lives, whether it be personal or professional.

Take the time now and give National Recognition to those who have motivated, inspired, influenced, stimulated, and encouraged you.  How will the individual(s) I name be recognized?

1)  Personalized Certificate, AALR National "Award of Distinction," sent to Honoree:

  • Certificate sent in attractive linen cover
  • Identifies Honoree by name
  • Identifies Who is honoring them
  • Identifies Why they are being honored (descriptive information from nominator)

2)  Honoree will be Listed on AALR's "Award of Distinction" web page under
     "AALR National Award of Distinction."  You will also be identified for honoring
     this individual.  Honoree will be informed of this site's location as well.

3)  A duplicate certificate will be placed in the AALR "Award of Distinction"
      commemorative album housed at the National Office to view.

Cost of Certificate:

$25.00 for first honoree named
$20.00 for each additional honoree when simultaneous submission is made.

If you would like the certificate mounted on a walnut finish wood plaque,
the cost would be:

$60.00 for first honoree
$50.00 for each additional honoree when simultaneous submission is made

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