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The American Association for Leisure and Recreation Insurance serves recreation professionals -- practitioners, educators, and students -- who advance the profession and enhance the quality of life of all Americans through creative and meaningful leisure and recreation experiences all while securely covered by Insurance.

Recreational and Entertainment Insurance Services

The idea of recreation and entertainment insurance might not be so familiar. The fact is, however, that without entertainment insurance, recreation professionals will have to live with the risk of liability in every recreation activity they organize.

Entertainment insurance is not just for the movies and films, it is an all-risk insurance program for practically all types of recreation activities, including concerts and special events, and festivals and trade shows. For recreation professionals, having an entertainment insurance program ensures their peace of mind.

As we all may know, organizing leisure and recreation activities can be stressful and worrying, depending on the type of activity being organized. Participants are not usually aware about the stresses of preparation, or of the risks involved in organizing a fun activity – they just simply enjoy it. Thus, it is the responsibility of the organizers to see to it that a fun activity is protected against risks.

An entertainment insurance program protects an entertainment program from different types of risks, including (a) general liability, (b) liquor liability, (c) automobile liability and physical damage, (d) third party property damage, (e) damage to rented and owned equipment, (f) damage to props, sets and wardrobe, (g) injury to participants and spectators, (h) cancellation of event for any reason including adverse weather, and (i) workers’ compensation.  

An entertainment insurance program can be customized to cover film productions, concerts and other special events, trade shows and festivals, sporting events, and even weddings. An all-risk entertainment insurance program can be supplemented with special insurance programs for venues, expanded weather protection, key artists, and directors and officers’ liability

The AALR is committed to uplifting the human spirit by promoting positive leisure activities that promote mental health, physical fitness and well-being. Of course, at the end of the day, we see to it that these activities are done in a safe manner. We do encourage leisure professionals to make sure each leisure activity they organize is protected against risks.

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